TEST dla młodzieży

Choose the correct answer.

1. Hello, My name __________ Jack.
a) be
b) am
c) is
d) are

2. That's Maria. __________ is my sister.
a) I
b) She
c) It
d) Her

3. __________ morning!
a) Hello
b) Good
c) Happy
d) Fine

4. __________ car is red.
a) Davids
b) David is
c) David's
d) David has

5. __________ is that boy?
a) When
b) Who
c) Why
d) What

6. I'd __________ a coffee please.
a) like
b) want
c) have
d) buy

7. How __________ are you?
a) age
b) many
c) years
d) old

8. The sky is very __________ today.
a) red
b) green
c) blue
d) yellow

9. My bag is __________ the table.
a) on
b) in
c) at
d) from

10. I __________ football.
a) likes
b) am like
c) liking
d) like

11. My dad's a(n) __________. He works in the hospital.
a) police officer
b) builder
c) doctor
d) actor

12. The teacher __________ in the classroom.
a) hasn't
b) isn't
c) doesn't
d) not be

13. __________ you got a blue pen?
a) Has
b) Are
c) Have
d) Do

14. Would you like a chicken __________?
a) cake
b) drink
c) biscuit
d) sandwich

15. I usually have __________ at 7.30 a.m.
a) dinner
b) tea
c) lunch
d) breakfast

16. Where __________ they going?
a) are
b) do
c) like
d) have

17. This question is __________ than the last one.
a) easyer
b) more easy
c) easy
d) easier

18. What __________ at the moment?
a) are you reading
b) do you read
c) read you
d) you are reading

19. I __________ Katie yesterday.
a) not see
b) didn't see
c) am not see
d) wasn't see

20. What music are you listening __________?
a) at
b) to
c) for
d) on

21. Jim's Dad is __________ to buy a new computer soon.
a) go
b) will go
c) going
d) went

22. I __________ drink tea. I don't like it.
a) always
b) never
c) often
d) sometimes

23. We __________ a good film last week.
a) seed
b) saw
c) did see
d) have see

24. Do you often look __________ your baby brother in the evenings?
a) at
b) for
c) after
d) up

25. My dad __________ the cleaning when mum's at work.
a) makes
b) does
c) takes
d) puts

26. I __________ TV when Paul arrived.
a) watched
b) was watching
c) did watch
d) am watching

27. There's __________ milk in the fridge.
a) some
b) a
c) the
d) any

28. I think this is the __________ day of the year.
a) most cold
b) coldest
c) more cold
d) colderest

29. How __________ did your laptop cost?
a) many
b) more
c) expensive
d) much

30. Helen __________ work so hard. She looks very tired.
a) must
b) shouldn't
c) can't
d) has to

31. I know Ben will get the job because he's very __________.
a) confident
b) angry
c) bored
d) shy

32. If you __________ home before 7.30, phone me.
a) will get
b) are getting
c) get
d) got

33. I like the Batman films __________ they're exciting.
a) and
b) but
c) because
d) so

34. My mum __________ to France.
a) never was
b) has never been
c) never went
d) is never

35. __________ do any homework last night?
a) Did you have to
b) Must you
c) Were you
d) Would you

36. I __________ Gary for ten years. He's a good friend.
a) have known
b) am knowing
c) knew
d) know

37. You write __________ than I do!
a) carefully
b) carefuller
c) more careful
d) more carefully

38. Which car would you buy if you __________ a lot of money?
a) would have
b) have
c) had
d) were having

39. We had a big test __________ Thursday.
a) on
b) in
c) at
d) by

40. I haven't got __________ sugar to make a cake. Can you go to the shops and get some?
a) too much
b) lots of
c) quite
d) enough

41. I wish I __________ a brother or a sister.
a) had
b) have
c) would have
d) am having

42. We __________ for two hours now! Can we stop for a break?
a) are working
b) work
c) have been working
d) have working

43. Paper and plastics __________ at the factory.
a) recycle
b) are recycling
c) be recycled
d) are recycled

44. I don't like __________ weather because you can't see anything.
a) cloudy
b) rainy
c) foggy
d) icy

45. The teacher told us __________ quietly.
a) sit
b) to sit
c) we sit
d) sitting

46. We __________ in the city centre but now we live in the countryside.
a) have lived
b) usually live
c) used to living
d) used to live

47. 'I __________ you later!''Bye!'
a) will be see
b) will see
c) am going to see
d) am seeing

48. The questions were __________ difficult that I couldn't answer any of them.
a) such
b) very
c) completely
d) so

49. I'm __________ I can't come to your party on Saturday.
a) regret
b) sad
c) afraid
d) apologise

50. The man asked me if I __________ his dog.
a) had seen
b) saw
c) was seeing
d) have seen

The Perfect Job?
Many students have dreams about what job they would like to do in the future. How about you? Would you like to be a doctor or a lawyer? Maybe an actor or a writer? Well, there is a job in Australia at the moment that people are calling 'the perfect job!' It's on a tropical island with clear blue skies and golden beaches and for twelve hours work a month, for half a year, you can earn £70,000!
In Australia, they are looking for someone to stay on Hamilton Island. This is a tropical island in the Great Barrier Reef. The person will live in a beautiful three bedroom villa with a swimming pool and the house is free! The job isn't very difficult. It's 'caretaker' of the island. Usually a caretaker looks after buildings for the people who live there, but this caretaker will look after the island. There isn't a lot to do. He or she has to feed some fish and collect the letters from the people on the island - a bit like a postman!
There is another part of the job too. The 'caretaker' has to visit lots of little islands in the area and learn all about them. Then he has to write about them on a blog and make videos. The Australians want more tourists to visit the area. That is the really important part of the job. So, what are the qualifications for this wonderful job? Well, they want someone who likes living in warm temperatures. This person must sail, swim and like taking photographs! And he must like animals and exploring new places. It sounds perfect to me!
Read the text and choose the correct answer.

51. The job is in a hot place.

52. The working hours are very long.

53. The job is to look after a building.

54. You must study hard for this job.

55. It's a good job for people who like sports.

56. The job is __________
a) for twelve weeks.
b) for six months.
c) for a year.

57. The house on the island __________
a) is near the beach.
b) doesn't cost any money.
c) is quite small.

58. Who lives on the island?
a) only the caretaker
b) lots of tourists
c) the caretaker and some people who live there too

59. Part of the job is __________
a) to explore different parts of the island.
b) to talk to the tourists.
c) to write information for tourists.

60. Where do you think this text is from?
a) a job advertisement
b) a book
c) a magazine


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