TEST dla dorosłych

Choose the correct answer.

1. __________ a bank near here?
a) Is
b) Is it
c) Is there

2. Sam speaks English very __________ .
a) good
b) well
c) bad

3. My mother is __________ teacher.
a) -
b) a
c) one

4. What __________ ?
a) Sam does want
b) does Sam wants
c) does Sam want

5. We had __________ rain last night.
a) a lot
b) a little
c) a few

6. Sam is __________ than Dave.
a) more old
b) more older
c) older

7. __________ out last night?
a) Did you go
b) Have you been
c) Have you gone

8. She's in the same class __________ me.
a) to
b) like
c) as

9. Who __________ this book?
a) gave you
b) did give you
c) did you give

10. __________ the newspaper.
a) I always read
b) I read always
c) Always I read

11. Where __________ ?
a) is Harry going
b) Harry is going
c) is going Harry

12. This picture __________ by my friend.
a) painted
b) was painting
c) was painted

13. A: I love Indian food. B: __________ .
a) I do so
b) So do I
c) So I do

14. There's a no-smoking sign. You __________ smoke here.
a) don't have to
b) don't must
c) mustn't

15. If you're hot, I __________ the window.
a) 'll open
b) am going to open
c) open

16. I'm going out __________ some milk.
a) for get
b) for to get
c) to get

17. Try __________ late.
a) to not be
b) to be not
c) not to be

18. __________ here before.
a) I think I haven't been
b) I don't think I've been
c) I don't think I haven't been

19. Someone __________ the meeting was cancelled.
a) said me
b) told me
c) told to me

20. If you __________ me your email address, I'll write to you.
a) will give
b) give
c) gave

21. Life would be easier if I __________ a bit more money.
a) would have
b) have
c) had

22. I'm late for school __________ .
a) sometimes
b) never
c) always

23. I look forward __________ you next week.
a) seeing
b) to see
c) to seeing

24. He speaks with __________ strong accent.
a) -
b) the
c) a

25. I'm going to the hairdresser's __________ .
a) to get my hair cut
b) to get cut my hair
c) to cut my hair

26. I __________ in Rome since 2003.
a) 'm living
b) 've lived
c) live

27. Is it alright __________ I open the window?
a) -
b) that
c) if

28. We complained to the waiter __________ the food.
a) for
b) of
c) about

29. __________ it was raining we went for a walk.
a) However
b) But
c) Although

30. Sam was only pretending __________ upset.
a) be
b) to be
c) being

31. My parents never let me __________ computer games.
a) play
b) to play
c) playing

32. I __________ call you yesterday, but I didn't have time.
a) would
b) would be going to
c) was going to

33. Peter came out with us last night __________ feeling ill.
a) yet
b) although
c) despite

34. I was surprised __________ Tom at the party last night.
a) to see
b) seeing
c) for seeing

35. If you're tired, __________ to bed.
a) go
b) you go
c) you will go

36. Have you any idea where __________ ?
a) does she live
b) she does live
c) she lives

37. I wish I __________ to David yesterday.
a) had spoken
b) would have spoken
c) spoke

38. A: What does this word mean? B: Look __________ in the dictionary.
a) up
b) it up
c) up it

39. This time next week, I __________ on a beach in Greece.
a) 'm lying
b) 'll lie
c) 'll be lying

40. I could see a small road __________ into the distance.
a) disappearing
b) was disappearing
c) disappeared

41. It __________ Pete who broke the window - he wasn't here at the time.
a) mustn't have been
b) couldn't be
c) can't have been

42. This is the first time __________ Vietnamese food.
a) I've eaten
b) I'm eating
c) I eat

43. I can't give you a lift because my car is __________ .
a) still repairing
b) still being repaired
c) still repaired

44. __________, that everyone stayed indoors.
a) The weather such was
b) Such was the weather
c) Such the weather was

45. Phone me when you __________ .
a) have arrived
b) will arrive
c) will have arrived

46. I'd rather you __________ in the house.
a) didn't smoke
b) not smoke
c) don't smoke

47. Nobody rang me, __________ ?
a) did anybody
b) did he or she
c) did they

48. __________ realised, I would've told you.
a) Had I
b) Would I have
c) If I would have

49. Sam doesn't work, __________ he always seems to have a lot of money.
a) whereas
b) yet
c) however

50. __________ all the questions, James felt quite pleased with himself.
a) Has finally answered
b) Finally answering
c) Having finally answered

Add the missing word.

51. I born in Paris.

52. I 21 years old.

53. My birthday is July.

54. Last month, I went the USA.

55. I stayed in New York two weeks.

56. Did you many photos on holiday?

57. What does Katy's new boyfriend look ?

58. Did you your homework last night?

59. It's good idea to try clothes before you buy them.

60. As as I'm concerned, Internet shopping is a great idea.

61. Oxford is famous its university.

62. Have you any what time it is?

63. I get on really with my brothers and sisters.

64. We went to lots of places last night, but we ended in Bar Soleil.

65. Sue's new dress is very eye- .

66. We used to be friends, but we lost a few years ago.

67. I don't know how old he is, but he looks to be in late twenties.

68. The sea was very cold - in fact it was absolutely .

69. Can you a secret?

70. Lizzy has got a great of humour.

71. After being off school for a week, he found it difficult to up with the work he'd missed.

72. You're the only person I've told. No-one knows about it from you and me.

73. The advantages far the disadvantages.

74. Central Park in New York is a great place to while a few hours.

75. She'll be very successful - she's a real go- .


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